These days, dental practice marketing requires solid digital marketing strategies. What’s the most important part of your digital marketing plan? Your dentist website! It’s the main connecting point between you and your current and future patients. But even if you don’t know your SEO from your 2.0, here’s a quick list of some things all the best dentist websites have.


Digital-marketing-for-dentists.Lesson-1-optimize-your-website_SEO for Dentists: Let your Patients Find You

There are thousands of practices out there. How can you connect with patients? First, make it easy for them to find you with web searches. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes your site stand out from the others. Using specific, searchable keywords and content, you can appear higher in search results and reach more patients. Small business SEO means going local: call your practice a “Miami Dental Practice,” rather than just a “Dental Practice.” Use three- or four-word keywords called “long tail keywords”—when people search, it’s usually for something specific. Not just “dentistry,” but terms like “pain-free dentistry” or “New York dentist for kids” will show up less often, but are less likely to be lost in a sea of results. Try adding a blog to your site with topics that interest your target patients and use keywords in it carefully.

Build a “Smart” Website

Today, over 2.5 billion people worldwide use smartphones, and 80% of Internet users use their smartphones to perform web searches. Even with great SEO, if a patient finds a slow-loading website that looks bad on their smartphone, they’ll go elsewhere. A mobile-friendly website design is an absolute must. Have a mobile version of your site, or a responsive website design that adapts to various devices. Keep your mobile design simple and use compressed images for easy loading. Test out your current site’s mobile friendliness here.

Book It on the Go: Online Appointment Scheduling

Once they have found your site, make it easy for patients to get to you in person! Add actions like online appointment scheduling and make them easy to use with touch screens. Patients can book appointments anytime—not just during your office hours. Your staff can manage appointments digitally and won’t spend the whole day taking phone calls.

Getting to Know You: Introduce Your Staff

Dental Marketing is about more than the procedures your practice performs. Making your site personal will get you noticed. You have great staff members, so why not tell people about them? They are part of your brand! Do they have special training? What are their accomplishments? And don’t forget to include photos. Adding mobile-friendly contact buttons allows site visitors to get in touch right away.

Dental Offices need Branding, too!

Once a patient finds your optimized site, what will make them stay and book an appointment? Your attractive, appealing brand! Your visual design and introduction of your practice tell clients who you are. Put your best foot forward with a professional logo. Tell people what you’re all about. What are your specialties? Pediatric dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry? What kind of patients do you want to reach? Kids? Older patients? Nervous patients? Your brand is what makes you stand out from the rest.

 Dental practice marketing starts with a great dentist website. If you follow these tips for optimizing your website, you’ll be easier to find, more attractive to patients, and you’ll make it even more convenient for current and future patients to book appointments. You already know you have a great practice—use digital marketing to let everyone else know, too!

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