Even after you’ve worked hard to set up a successful digital marketing plan, there are still ways to refine it and improve your results. Adding location-based marketing will get your practice noticed by the people best placed to become patients! In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make the most of location-based marketing.


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The easiest way to tap into location-based marketing for dentists is optimizing your SEO strategy on your website and social media channels using local keywords. You’re not just a dentist, you’re a “Chicago Dentist” or a “Fort Lauderdale Dental Office.” Your chances of being found by people looking for generic terms like “cavity” or “dental hygiene” are miniscule. So utilize your local identity by using lots of local keywords to make your practice easier to find.

As we discussed in a previous post, you should also make use of Search Engine Advertising (SEA), which also relies on locally-based keywords and can target specific areas.

Manage your Local Listings

Back in the day, you would list your practice in print resources like the local paper, phone book, etc. Now, search results through Google My Business, Facebook Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, and Bing Places are one of the primary ways potential patients will first encounter your practice—and these services allow you to claim and develop the profile searchers will see! 77% of people seeking online health information start with a search engine. If you’re interested in getting new patients, take advantage of this audience!

The Power of Reviews

Once you’ve got great profiles set up on search engines, keep an eye on your listings. 68% of consumers say positive online reviews make them trust a local business more. Make sure a member of your staff is tracking your reviews and responding within a day—whether they’re positive or negative. Stay engaged to avoid missing the opportunity to reach and engage with people who are specifically looking for you!

Get Creative

Once you’ve optimized your website with location-based keywords, try creating a page of local resources to glean even more search engine traffic. Some examples could be: a list of local attractions in your city or neighborhood, the best kid activities, or local events that mean something to you.  Dedicating a page to “Dr. Mike’s favorite places to go on a Saturday afternoon,” or “Dr. Mike’s top restaurant picks in Chicago,” not only adds richness to your website, but also gives people a glimpse into your personality and an opportunity to connect.” Look back at your patient personas for some ideas! This kind of page should be rich in locally based keywords that will help searchers find the information, and the page should point to your dental practice website!

Location-based marketing for dental practices means using the tools available to promote your dental office to the audience that needs you!

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