A successful dental practice is built on an effective dental team! They are the face of your practice and essential for providing the best quality dental care to patients. In today’s post, I’ll offer some suggestions for improving your dental HR strategy and building and maintaining the best dental practice team possible.


NDI-Replicate-Blog-Go-Team-Dental-Finding-Great-Dental-Team-Members-for-Your-Practice-Teamwork-by-Steve-Davis-CC-BY-2.0.jpgFirst things First: What’s your mission?

Putting together a practice mission statement is useful on a number of levels. Without an underlying philosophy, running a dental practice can feel chaotic and fragmented. Crafting a mission statement together with your staff will build cohesion and cooperation. In the realm of Human Resources, a mission statement helps you and your staff make decisions about hiring—when interviewing staff, just ask yourself if this person can support your mission. And once dental team members are hired, the mission statement helps communicate your standards for performance on the job. It’s much easier to point to the mission when expectations need to be clarified.

Finding your Team: HR and Social Media

Your dental practice’s social media channels are about more than marketing to patients. They are also extremely useful for communicating with and reaching out to potential qualified employees. Maintaining your social media channels with great content will increase your visibility in general. Posting job openings on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook will also give your recruiting process a serious boost. Use these sites to research potential candidates in advance of meeting them—LinkedIn profiles are designed in part for users to present themselves to employers, and can be helpful in narrowing down the field of applicants for a given position.

Managing Your Practice HR: A Real HR Professional

A dental practice is a small business like any other, and all small businesses want to save money. As tempting as it can be to combine the roles of office manager and HR manager on your dental practice staff to keep costs down, you should reconsider this choice. HR managers are not only trained at recruiting and hiring staff, as well as precisely defining job descriptions. They also have crucial knowledge about state and national regulations for hiring, benefits, safety in the workplace, and overall compliance with laws around staff management. If you can’t afford a full time HR person, consider using an outsourcing company or part time independent contractor who brings the HR skills you need for a more affordable price.

Evaluation and Recognition

Once you have a great staff on board, be sure to have a system in place, with documentation, for performance evaluation and recognition of outstanding efforts. This is important not only for staff morale and professional development, but also to keep a legal record you may need to justify decisions made based on employee performance.

If you’re struggling to find great staff members, consider using a recruitment network for dental employees! There are lots of sites out there offering assistance with recruitment. Using these services, you can search for all kinds of specializations—from bookkeepers to hygienists—and find pre-screened candidates.

These tips will get you on your way to an effective dental practice HR strategy. Finding great dental team members and keeping them happy and productive is a great way to boost the success of your dental practice. Go Team Go!


Photo: Teamwork by Steve Davis  CC BY 2.0

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