Dental lasers have enjoyed an increasing popularity in recent years. The ADA has even issued an official statement on their use. But how can lasers help you grow your dental practice and provide quality dental care? In this post, we’ll consider the uses and benefits of dental lasers and explain how adding laser technology to your dental practice can boost your business.


160412_NDI_Replicate_Blog-Laser_Dentistry_-_The_Latest_in_Quality_Dental_Care-without-Fear.jpegHow can Lasers be used?

Depending on the guidelines in your state, lasers can be used in both dental hygiene and surgical applications. They are effective in cleanings to fight bacteria, and for root planning and scaling. They are also useful for removing decay and preparing teeth for fillings, lesion biopsy and removal procedures, and even for tooth whitening! There are limitations on how lasers can be used, but in general the applications are wide-ranging.

How can Lasers improve dental care?

Many dentists use lasers for cavity preparation. This significantly improves the patient experience for getting a filling; no drilling, poking needles or lingering numbness from novocaine Low level diode lasers have been shown to shorten tissue repair and wound healing time, among other benefits. However, in terms of your dental practice as a business, increased patient satisfaction may be the most important benefit for laser technology. Up to 75% of patients experience anxiety or even dental phobia that contributes to missed appointments or even avoiding treatment completely. Lasers have been found to even reduce pain during dental procedures.

Some things to Consider

Lasers can be a real boon to your dental practice, but be sure to think through the implications before adding them to your practice. The costs of offering laser treatment extend beyond the purchase of equipment. Where in the office will it reside and how will that impact your workflow? What will disposable supplies used with your laser cost per month or year? What will be the cost of training your staff or hiring new staff to operate the laser? Talk to other dentists and get all the information you can before taking the leap into laser technology.

Acquiring a dental laser is one way to keep up with new innovations in dentistry and provide gentle dental care and expand your practice’s portfolio. Offering patients reduced pain and anxiety is a sure-fire way to improve patient retention. Expanding your brand to include laser cavity treatment can give you a marketing edge for patients who want minimally invasive treatment and want to avoid the down time associated with traditional cavity treatment. Don’t forget to promote new technology and new staff training on your website, in your social media channels, and in advertising.

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