What types of customized products do you currently offer your patients? When you think about customized dental products do you think only of crowns, bridges and maybe aligners? Do you know what else is out there? Have you thought about what adding more customized products might do for your practice? In this blog post we will explore the benefits of customized dental products and how they can be used to grow your dental practice.

NDI-Blog-Why-you-should-consider-adding-customized-dental-products-to-your-practice.jpgEvery dentist knows that when it comes to dental prosthetics, precision counts. That’s why dental CAD/CAM systems like CEREC and E4D are some of the most popular products on the market today. These systems allow dentists and technicians to take very precise measurements in the mouth and customize high quality prosthetics that fit the first time. But customization of dental devices has moved beyond basic crowns, inlays and bridges and the results are impressive.

Customization Reduces Complexity and Increases Predictability

There has been a progression of customization in dentistry driven by precision input devices like intra-oral scanners and CBCT/DVT machines. It started with crowns and bridges and then moved to products to straighten teeth like Invisalign aligners, SureSmile custom-shaped wires, Incognito customized braces and now customized abutments and even implants. Each of these products reduced clinical complexity and offers a predictable outcome.

Many dentists who never considered offering orthodontics to their patients tried Invisalign and discovered that they could provide quality orthodontic care without investing the time required to master the traditional bracket and wire systems that orthodontists have used for many years to straighten teeth. Offering Invisalign made it easy to add orthodontics to their practice, create a new revenue stream and attract new patients.

In the case of SureSmile custom-shaped wires, research has shown that the system consistently reduces treatment time by 30% and requires fewer wire changes. That translates into almost eight months of chair time savings. What a great benefit for moms who have to drive their kids to the orthodontist for monthly check ups! Not only are SureSmile orthodontists able to treat more patients, they get more referrals from happy moms!

Many orthodontists never considered treating patients with lingual braces until the Incognito System was introduced. Traditional lingual brackets were hard to place and the wires were difficult to accurately bend. The Incognito System changed all of that. Customizing the brackets so they molded to the lingual surfaces of the patient’s teeth and using robots to bend lingual arch wires that precisely moved the teeth to a predetermined position made the procedure easy for orthodontists to incorporate into their practice. More important it ensured a predictable result at the end of treatment. Adding the Incognito System to their practice enabled many orthodontists to grow their practices by attracting adult patients.

In the world of implantology customization has been steadily gaining ground. It started with customized drilling guides, then custom abutments and now extends to 100% customized dental implants like the REPLICATE Tooth. Each REPLICATE Tooth is designed using CBCT/DVT and intra-oral scan or scanned impression data. By customizing the shape of the implant to mimic the natural tooth, it is possible to immediately replace a tooth during the extraction appointment, without drilling, minimizing the invasiveness of the procedure and making it much easier on the patient.

Oral surgeons and implantologists like 100% customized dental implants because they reduce the chance of surgical error in placing an immediate implant, general dentists like them because the placement procedure is low risk and learning it requires minimal training. They can offer patients a superior alternative to traditional implants and three-unit bridges that is sure to grow their practice. But the biggest benefit is reserved for patients. They walk out of the practice with a tooth in their mouth on the same day of the extraction and they never heard the sound of a drill!

Adding customized products to your dental practice can help you build your practice without requiring a huge investment in training. Customization reduces complexity and risk while improving the patient experience. So remember, one size does not fit all, but customized products are a great fit for every patient.


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