It’s no secret that mothers are a powerful group when it comes to decision making and purchasing consumer products and healthcare. But how should dentists specifically approach this demographic group with care? In this post, we’ll discuss why it makes sense to target moms as an audience for your marketing campaigns—for instance by emphasizing dental care in pregnancy—and how you and your dental practice can best meet moms’ needs and win them over!


NDI-Blog-Dental-marketing-mothers.jpgWhy Target Moms?

We’ve discussed the use of patient personas as a marketing tool for dentists. But why should you be sure to work with mom personas? There are so many reasons why mothers are important: for one, they are by far the most common primary caregivers of children, and they make most of the healthcare decisions in the majority of households. A health study from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that 74% of moms make the healthcare decisions for children in the household, while a Center for Talent Innovation report asserts that women account for 70% of global purchasing decisions. Clearly, if you want to reach families, mothers are your primary contacts!

How Do Moms Communicate?

Not only are moms the source for healthcare choices for their own families. They are also effective influencers within their demographic, particularly online. Millennial moms in particular are extremely tech-savvy—and according to a study by crowdtap, they rely on online advice more than twice as often as advice from in-person communication when it comes to parenting matters. As an article on millennial moms for Forbes shows, mom bloggers and content creators can be effective professional influencers. The mom demographic is plugged in when it comes to digital communication, and you should keep that in mind when crafting a marketing strategy to reach them.

Special Dental Needs and Concerns of Mothers

In order to reach mothers with your dental marketing, you’ll need to address their specific dental and overall health concerns. For instance, during pregnancy, women are vulnerable to dental problems such as gum irritation, periodontal disease, and damage to tooth enamel. Pregnant dental patients need gentle dental care that takes their needs into consideration. Your marketing for this patient persona should clearly convey how your dental practice can address pregnancy needs. If you win a patient’s trust during pregnancy, you’ll likely keep her as a patient and gain her family (and her friends!) as patients, too.

As primary decision markers, Moms are also of course invested in the health of their family members. Content that addresses pediatric dental health, concerns around overall family health care and family budgeting, even dental health and the elderly, are likely to grab their attention, too.

Marketing Effectively to the Mom Set

The way to reach today’s moms is digitally! A study by BabyCenter finds that millennial moms spend over 8 hours a day online, and their social media platform of choice is Facebook. If you want to reach these mothers, your dental practice’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube or Snapchat needs to be up to date, full of useful and shareable information, and peppered with effective calls to actions that will entice your audience to interact with you and come in to the practice regularly. Encourage moms to interact with you on digital platforms and to share your posts with friends.

Also, be sure your dental practice website is current, informative, and—most importantly! —mobile-friendly. Moms are heavy smartphone users and very busy. If they can easily navigate your site and make appointments online quickly while on the go, you’re much more likely to keep them as patients!

Tips for marketing to mothers:

  • Post relevant, current content. Offer your audience useful advice and information that takes the needs of their families into consideration.
  • Be respectful of your audience. Your target moms are digital natives with access to an avalanche of information. Keep your content meaningful and mobile friendly.
  • Be inclusive, Take the needs of moms with kids of all ages into consideration, because children’s dental needs change as they grow.

Today’s mothers are well-informed, digitally fluent, and have a lot of responsibility: they don’t want their time wasted and they want to feel valued and appreciated. Dental patient marketing with mom personas allows you to design a strategy tailored to their needs, concerns, and modes of communication. Smart marketing will have moms on your side, amplifying your dental practice brand!

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