Today’s digital-savvy healthcare consumers are drawn to online videos. We’ve already addressed finding and nurturing audiences by marketing your dental practice on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In this post, we’ll explain how to attract viewers to your dental practice using YouTube.


An Intro. to Online Video Marketing: What’s So Great About YouTube?

As Steve Olenski of Forbes puts it, “Videos are no longer optional” for businesses that want to reach a wide audience with their marketing campaigns. Consumers respond to videos: the average visitor spends 88% more time on a site that offers video. And analysis by socialbakers already showed in 2015 that a social post with a video had a 135% wider reach than one with only a photo.

In Summer 2017, YouTube reported 1.5 billion logged-in visitors every month. The platform attracts more viewers over 18 during primetime hours than any cable television network. Costs for high-quality video production are nowhere near as high as they were even 10 years ago. In fact, plenty of filming can be done with nothing but a smartphone or iPad! So, how does all of this apply to your dental practice marketing strategy?

Developing YouTube Goals for Your Dental Practice

Before you start filming, think strategically about your YouTube video marketing goals. Start by reviewing your patient personas and define your target audience(s), their needs and concerns, and the content they are likely to find compelling. This analysis will determine the themes and styles of video content you produce. General goals could include: educating existing patients, getting new patients into the practice, and communicating the practice brand.

Great Video Ideas

1) Make an intro. video: First impressions are everything. Get the attention of new visitors by giving them a quick overview of your office, your staff, and your practice philosophy. Tell viewers why you’re different and special.

2) Create an educational series on dental health. Feature the treatments and technologies you offer at your practice. These videos can be helpful for patients who need help understanding and accepting a treatment plan. They can also generally boost patient engagement and retention.

3) Post video testimonials from patients. Before and after photos are always a great idea. Try taking these posts a step further by offering a positive video review straight from the happy patient.

4) Have the dentist discuss a particular procedure, like whitening, and show how it’s done.

A Winning Example

Rottingdean Dental Care, Brighton and Hove, Sussex, UK

This dental practice introductory video is very bright and professional looking. It combines the effective elements of patient-focused language, reassuring introductions to staff members, beautiful views of the practice itself, and patient and staff testimonials. And the title and keywords make it very searchable. Even though there is lots of talking, the video is short and sweet and the visuals are beautiful, so you wouldn’t need sound to appreciate it.


A Few Pro Tips for YouTube Video Marketing

  • Keep videos short and sweet! Viewer retention rates go down as videos get longer.
  • Keep viewer experience in mind: they will encounter your videos beyond YouTube. For instance, most videos are watched on Facebook without sound, so make your visuals compelling.
  • Tap into a variety of audiences and get interactive. Reach as many viewers as possible by sharing your YouTube videos across all of your social media channels!
  • Use catchy titles. Make your video titles SEO friendly and easy to find with key words and phrases, including local identifiers like city names. Not “Tips for Root Canal Patients,” but “Tips for Root Canal Patients by Grand Rapids Dental Office in Michigan.” Don’t forget to include keywords!

The most important thing: stay true to your dental practice brand in your YouTube video marketing. Create videos that showcase your personality as a practice. These are far more likely to catch a potential patient’s eye and stand out from the crowd. Happy filming!

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