Traditional Western medicine offers solutions to a variety of dental problems: fillings, root canals, extractions, and bi-annual professional cleanings. However, it’s possible to think beyond the traditional in dental care: there are natural remedies that can be combined with these approaches to dentistry to alleviate symptoms, protect teeth, heal gum tissue, and improve patients’ experiences of treatment and recovery. In this post, we’ll look at some examples of homeopathic remedies for typical oral diseases and symptoms.

Problem: Oral Pain

Remedy: Arnica

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Arnica may be familiar to you as a gel or cream used to soothe sore muscles. But it can also be an effective remedy for swelling and inflammation a dental procedure as it eases nerve pain in general. This alternative remedy can be he

lpful for patients averse to taking strong painkillers.  Arnica and the other remedies in this list can be purchased at health food stores or some pharmacies, or you may choose to offer a selection for purchase at your dental office.

Problem: Nervousness with Upset Stomach

Remedy: Gelsemium

Do your patients experience anxiety prior to appointments? Do any of these symptoms accompany that anxiety – weakness, unsteadiness, nausea, or diarrhea? Gelsemium may be able to ease their symptoms when taken before a dental visit. Step one of addressing dental health is getting patients into the office for preventative care, and dental phobia is one of the main reasons people avoid the dentist. In previous blogs we discussed how prevalent fear of the dentist is, and how addressing it can boost both patient happiness and the health of your business.

Problem: Mouth Ulcers

Remedy: Feverfew

Patients who are troubled by frequent mouth ulcers may get relief from taking feverfew. Although any oral problems should be screened at your office to rule out dental diseases that would require traditional treatment first, herbal remedies can alleviate non-harmful, yet annoying, issues like mouth ulcers and can be complementary to your treatment plan.

Problem: Irritation at Injection Sites

Remedy: Ledum

For some patients, getting injections of anesthetics like Novocain can cause painful irritation at the injection site. In order to ease this, and also to reduce the fear associated with painful experiences of dental work, consider using Ledum, which has general antiseptic properties and has been known in some cases to be helpful for dental injections.

Problem: Gingivitis, Bleeding Gums

Remedy: Arsenicum Album

For irritation and bleeding of the gums associated with gum disease, some advocate the use of arsenicum album. Gum disease is one of the most significant threats to oral health and alternative remedies combined with good dental hygiene and regular cleanings could help prevent its onset.

This is by no means an exhaustive list! There are many more homeopathic remedies out there that can be used in dental treatment. When thinking about adding homeopathic options to the medicines you normally prescribe or recommend, the most important thing is to do your own research. There are numerous organizations and research institutes worldwide exploring and promoting the possible benefits of homeopathic remedies. Experimenting with homeopathic solutions to dental problems could enhance the innovative dental care you already provide—and it also broadens your portfolio of services! Homeopathic treatments can draw in new patients seeking alternatives to strictly traditional dental care. These remedies may improve the patient’s experience and they will thank you. It’s a win-win!