Potential patients land on your website in a Google search—how will they know your practice is unique? What makes them want to call and make an appointment? Creating a dental website that does the most to attract new patients and promote your practice requires informative, well-designed subpages. Here we’ll offer suggestions for the most effective ones that take your dental marketing to the next level.


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In a previous post, I explained the benefits of Search Engine Advertising or SEA. The landing pages that search engine users find when they click on your Google ads are some of the most important pages on your website! Create new patient promotions targeted to your Patient Personas to increase patient acquisition. Distinguish your practice from other local dentist offices targeting the same audience by offering new patient discounts, free consultations and news about what makes your practice unique. And be sure to make these pages mobile-friendly: as of 2015, Google confirmed that more searches were occurring on mobile devices than on desktops!

About Us

Once they’ve seen the front page of your website and want to learn more, most patients will click on About Us. Never underestimate the power of a great About Page! This is your chance to showcase you, your staff members, and your practice’s technology. Include a description of your practice, along with photos of the waiting room and treatment rooms, and outline your specializations and innovative techniques and equipment. Include bios for staff members emphasizing their qualifications, along with a few facts about them them reveal their personalities, interests. Have  high-quality photos taken of each person in your office and make sure they are smiling. Be sure to keep this page up-to-date and post about new hires and continuing education accomplishments on your social media channels. Everyone loves a story.  Tell potential patients why you got into dentistry, how you built your practice, and what you like most about your job.

Online Scheduling

Your website should be a tool that makes your business run more smoothly, attracts new patients and boosts patient retention at the same time! That’s why having a page for online scheduling is important. Phone time consumes your staff’s energy during the workday, and patients calling when your practice is open can cause phone traffic jams. Why not allow your patients the ease of scheduling appointments through your website—they can book a time in a few minutes using their smartphones, and your staff can confirm the appointments via text or email using your practice software. Easier for everyone!

Special Services

Make sure your patients know about the innovative dental care you provide.

Do you have a specialty that sets you apart from the crowd of other dental offices? Phobia care? Holistic Dentistry? Nutritional Consultations? If so, it’s important to showcase these offerings on your dental practice website. Each specialty should have its own page on your website with information, a menu of available services, and a click to call or email button for mobile users to find out more information or set up a consultation.

The best dentist websites include subpages that optimize dental practice marketing. A good rule of thumb is to keep these three things in mind: ease of use, mobile responsiveness, and highlighting the ways in which your practice—and your staff—are unique.

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