Most of us probably think of LinkedIn as a platform for job-seekers, recruiters, and networking businesspeople. And it is! As a dentist, you’re likely to be using this platform already to connect with professional organizations and colleagues and to post job ads for your practice and research qualified candidates for positions. But have you considered how online marketing through LinkedIn could increase patient acquisition and patient retention for your dental practice?

NDI-Blog-Digital-Marketing-for-Dentists-Lesson-12-Expanding-Professional-Networks-through-LinkedIn.jpgFirst things First: Your Dental Practice LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the top five sites regularly indexed by Google, so be ready when colleagues and patients find your practice profile. As with your own dentist profile, you should include your staff’s expertise and qualifications, as well as any special treatments and expertise you offer. Also consider adding patient testimonials and before and after pictures of your best work. Encourage your staff to create their own profiles. Discerning patients who research you, your staff and practice will be impressed by your professionalism.

Don’t forget to think about branding—what are the principles you want people to associate with your practice? Does your LinkedIn profile reflect your dental practice mission statement?

LinkedIn engagement

LinkedIn works best when you interact, as with any social media platform. There are two ideal ways to do this: LinkedIn groups and LinkedIn ads.

Groups- Join relevant dental groups and post content or questions to engage with members. Or consider starting your own group! For instance, you could reach new patients by creating a group about a particular dental problem or complaint and offering advice. Consider SEO when creating these groups: Pasadena TMJ Sufferers is easier to find than just TMJ sufferers.

Ads- LinkedIn offers affordable paid advertising. Ads can be targeted easily according to numerous categories: age, gender, area, profession, education, etc. Use your patient personas to help you create ads for specific categories of the LinkedIn audience.

LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts

DO post content on your LinkedIn profile and in LinkedIn groups. This could be your own blog posts or relevant articles, targeting dental professionals or patients!

DO share news about your dental practice. Did you acquire new equipment or add a new treatment to your list of services? Do you have a special event or promotion coming up? Did you receive a new qualification? Share all this news—it will foster loyalty and engagement with current patients and colleagues while attracting new patients.

DON’T overpost or post carelessly. You don’t want to be seen as a spammer. Keep in mind that people come to LinkedIn for professional development and networking, so keep posts informative, targeted and somewhat serious.

DON’T be haphazard in your LinkedIn management. Specify an admin on your dental practice staff and make sure you have a plan in place. Check out LinkedIn’s own list of its top dentist profiles for inspiration!

Take advantage of the high-quality audience that the LinkedIn platform has to offer! Using this social media channel to market your dental practice will allow you and your staff to develop professionally while also bringing in new patients. So take these LinkedIn tips and get networking!


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