Most patients will experience your dental practice for the first time through your dental website, social media, or a personal recommendation. But the real first impression comes when they arrive for their first appointment and step into your reception area. Don’t miss the chance to make a great first impression on new patients and make your current patients feel at home. In this post, we’ll offer some dental practice design tips for a reception area that’s perfect for welcoming patients!

NDI-Blog-First-Impressions-Are-Everything-3-Tips-for-Improving-your-Dental-Practice-Reception.jpgTip 1: Natural Materials

You want your dental patients to see your office as a place where they’ll receive the best dental care possible. They won’t feel this way if your reception looks like any other office. To avoid a feeling that your dental practice could be a law office, a bank, or any other corporate business, avoid choosing only metal or synthetic materials. Using natural-looking materials like wood, natural stone, or bamboo make appealing accents to reception desks and walls. As we mentioned in our post on waiting room design, natural, soothing materials may even help to combat anxiety among dental patients! 


Tip 2: Modern Style

Dental patients are also savvy customers—they appreciate good design and a hip and current aesthetic. Adding modern design touches to your reception area, like a mid-century modern chair or table, gives your practice a tasteful look. You may also want to invest in original paintings or photographic prints, though interesting art posters are a lower cost alternative. A stylish reception area is not only a pleasant place for patients to relax before an appointment, but also reinforces the sense that your practice is up-to-date.


Tip 3: Branding

Never miss an opportunity to promote your dental practice brand! Your reception area is the first encounter with new and returning patients coming in for appointments, and a great opportunity or introduce or re-introduce your brand. As part of your decorating scheme for the reception area, include a professional logo for the wall. Some practices hire artists to incorporate their logo into an interesting painting or sculpture, while others have sign companies create a 3D version for the wall. Some even create tile mosaics. There are many options—just make sure your brand is front and center in your waiting room.


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Be sure to provide brochures, business cards and postcards, along with plaques or posters with any promotions you’re featuring within sight or reach of where patients stand or sit while chatting with your receptionist. This is your chance to educate patients and introduce new services that your practice offers!

Practice interior design is crucial to conveying to patients that your practice is a caring, comfortable place. It also tells them that your practice and staff are up to date and able to provide the best innovative dental care. If patients feel confident about your practice, they’ll stay loyal and recommend their friends, too.

Image: Pretty sure I wouldn’t mind getting my cavities filled in this dentist’s office. Designed by @FieldworkDesign, the homey offices of Horacek Dental were once an old wood shop – see the whole office on by Design Milk, CC BY-SA 2.0

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