Dealing with Phobias in the Dental office

Somewhere between 5% and 8% of Americans avoid going to the dentist out of fear. That's quite a large number of patients! To give your dental practice a competitive edge, consider tailoring your services specifically toward fearful patients. This article will give you some suggestions for specific “no fear dentistry” services you can offer to help patients overcome their fears and get the dental care they need.
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Homeopathic Remedies for Dental Problems

Traditional Western medicine offers solutions to a variety of dental problems: fillings, root canals, extractions, and bi-annual professional cleanings. However, it’s possible to think beyond the traditional in dental care: there are natural remedies that can be combined with these approaches to dentistry to alleviate symptoms, protect teeth, heal gum tissue, and improve patients’ experiences of treatment and recovery. In this post, we’ll look at some examples of homeopathic remedies for typical oral diseases and symptoms.
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Analyzing Dental Practice Management to Cut Practice Costs

Every dental practice grapples with the issue of overhead. Taking a careful look at your overhead costs could surprise you. Knowledge is power! In this post, we’ll offer advice for cutting practice costs and boosting your overall profitability and efficiency by analyzing your dental practice management.
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Trusted Global Leaders in Dental 3D Printing and Software Join Forces to Ease Adoption of Quality Digital Dentures

EnvisionTEC, the global leader in dental 3D printers and materials, and AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions, the global leader in digital dentures, today announced a new partnership.

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Staying Up to Date and On the Forefront: Important Dental Events in 2018

It’s always important for dentists and implantologists to stay up to date on the latest dental innovations and new technologies. It can be overwhelming to keep track of everything and decide which continuing education opportunities to pursue. In this post, we’ll give you a place to start by highlighting some important upcoming dental events in 2018 in Germany and across Europe.
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Digital Marketing for Dentists, Lesson 13: Getting Visual with Dental Video Marketing on YouTube

Today’s digital-savvy healthcare consumers are drawn to online videos. We’ve already addressed finding and nurturing audiences by marketing your dental practice on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In this post, we’ll explain how to attract viewers to your dental practice using YouTube.
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The Technological and Natural Future of Dental Implants: An Interview with Maciej Michalak, PhD DDS

Dr. Maciej Michalak is a dentist and surgeon working at the forefront of dental implant technology. A user of the REPLICATE System, he sat down with us to discuss the current state of dental technology and treatment options for tooth replacement.
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Mothers Know Best: How to Effectively Market Your Dental Practice to Moms

It’s no secret that mothers are a powerful group when it comes to decision making and purchasing consumer products and healthcare. But how should dentists specifically approach this demographic group with care? In this post, we’ll discuss why it makes sense to target moms as an audience for your marketing campaigns—for instance by emphasizing dental care in pregnancy—and how you and your dental practice can best meet moms’ needs and win them over!
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I Hate to Wait: Why the Dentist Waiting Room is a Pain, and What To Do About It

What is one of the biggest pet peeves for patients? Waiting! According to a Software Advice study, 97% of medical patients are frustrated by long wait times. Your patients have somewhere else to be besides your waiting room. Ideally, you can get them into the treatment room in a reasonable amount of time. However, making people wait is sometimes inevitable, so we’ll also offer suggestions for improving their time in your waiting area.
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Book ‘em! How to Incorporate Online Appointments into your Dental Practice Management

Dentistry becomes more digital every day. You’re probably already using dental practice software that manages appointments, patient records, and finances. But have you implemented online appointment booking yet? In this post, we’ll tell you why allowing patients to schedule appointments online is a great idea you and your patients.
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