Broaden Your Portfolio, Tip #2: Nutrition Consultation

The connection between oral health and nutrition is already obvious to you as a dentist—the American Dental Association even participates in advocacy work on this issue. However, your patients need specific guidance to understand the role of nutrition plays on their dental health. Providing quality dental care encompasses more than just dealing with a patient’s teeth, it means looking at the whole person and helping patients see the links between things like nutrition and their overall systemic and oral health.  This post covers the importance and the practical components of offering nutrition advice to your dental patients.
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Technology + People = Success: 5 Great Tools to Optimize your Dental Practice Management

At the end of the day, a dental practice is a small business—and as in any small business, the key to success is good management. How can you more effectively manage your dental practice in all areas? In this post, you’ll find 5 dental management tools for more productivity, happier staff members, better patient relationships, and the healthiest dental practice possible.
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One Treatment Does Not Fit All: Know Your different Patient Types

If you want to have a successful dental practice, it all comes down to patients. Understanding who your current patients are, and what needs, goals, fears and challenges they have, is fundamental to serving them better and creating loyalty. Wondering how to get new dental patients and keep your current ones happy? Developing a list of fictional patient personas—similar to so-called “marketing personas”—can help you understand and interact with your current patients more effectively, while become more targeted in finding new dental patients.
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Digital Marketing for Dentists, Lesson 2: Social Media Marketing

Once you’ve optimized your Dental Practice Website, you’re ready to reach out to patients through Social Media! Including Social Media sites like Facebook in your dental marketing plan is an effective way to communicate with your current patients and find new ones. This quick guide will give you some concrete marketing ideas for using Social Media effectively to promote your dental practice and meet your goals.
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Broaden Your Portfolio, Tip #1: Holistic Dentistry

One way to grow your dental practice is by offering the latest technologies and treatment options to patients. Holistic dentistry (sometimes known as Natural Dentistry, Alternative Dentistry, Biological Dentistry, or Homeopathic Dentistry) is one such option.  It has become an increasingly popular approach to dental care as patients have become better educated about treatment options. So what does this mean for your dental practice? This quick introduction will tell you what it means to be a holistic dentist and how you can incorporate elements of holistic dentistry in your practice. 
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