A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss: Recent Innovations in Dental Surgery Products and Techniques

Gathering new knowledge and techniques and staying abreast of the latest news and technology in dental surgery is not always easy. In this article, we’ve consolidated some recent news about dental innovations you might have missed that can improve your patients’ experience.
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Quick Tips for Better Dental Practice Design

Take an honest look at your dental practice—does it feel welcoming and suggest gentle dental care? Imagine that you’re a new patient, maybe someone who is fearful or nervous at the dentist. Would you feel secure walking into your office? How about your waiting room? Does it scream corporate office? Or does it feel pleasant, warm, and positive? If you can’t answer yes to any of these questions, your practice needs a Feng Shui-style makeover. Successful practices make patients feel welcome and secure, and make them want to refer their friends! In this post, I’ll provide a few tips for better dental office design and a more successful practice.
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When the Kids Are Happy, Everyone’s Happy: Tips for Child-Friendly Dentistry

Actor and comedian W.C. Fields once famously said “Never work with animals or children.” This may be true in show business, but there’s no reason to fear working with children in your dental practice Start by remembering your patient personas.  They are useful for more than just marketing. Create a kid profile—or several! —and use them as your overall guide for making your dental practice appealing to children. If you tailor the dental care experience for your younger patients’ specific needs, they’ll be happier and their parents will keep bringing them back to your office. These tips will help you provide gentle dental care for happy children!
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Digital Marketing for Dentists, Lesson 4: Email Marketing

In 2016, the number of email accounts should reach 4.3 billion! 58% of American consumers prefer emails to other kinds of marketing communication. By now, your dental practice surely has a solid digital marketing strategy promoting your quality dental care. Don’t miss out on the benefits of adding more sophisticated email marketing to your dental marketing plan. It’s a low-cost, easy-to-implement way to increase patient engagement and traffic to your practice. In this article, we’ll describe some of the components and benefits of a great email marketing campaign.
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