Digital Marketing for Dentists, Lesson 6: Location-Based Marketing

Even after you’ve worked hard to set up a successful digital marketing plan, there are still ways to refine it and improve your results. Adding location-based marketing will get your practice noticed by the people best placed to become patients! In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make the most of location-based marketing.
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Oral Cancer: A Key Issue for your Dental Practice

Nearly 50,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer in the next year, and only 57% of those diagnosed will live 5 years after diagnosis. The good news: your dental practice is well placed to have a positive impact on your patients’ lives when it comes to this threat to their health. This post will address some important aspects of your role as dentist in the fight against oral cancer. Prevent cancer by educating patients, conduct oral cancer screening to catch symptoms early, and provide gentle dental care to patients who have been diagnosed and are facing treatment.
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Go Team Dental! Finding Great Dental Team Members for Your Practice

A successful dental practice is built on an effective dental team! They are the face of your practice and essential for providing the best quality dental care to patients. In today’s post, I’ll offer some suggestions for improving your dental HR strategy and building and maintaining the best dental practice team possible.
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Tooth Extractions: Fears and Concerns of Patients You Should Understand

No one looks forward to a tooth extraction. But you can allay your patients’ fears by understanding their specific concerns and providing them with the right information and service. Building patient trust also builds loyalty to you and your dental practice. Here’s a summary, based on actual patient interviews, outlining patients’ biggest concerns when it comes to tooth extraction. They all come down to: Information, Compassion, and Service.
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Digital Marketing for Dentists—Lesson 5: SEA

The key to growing your dental practice is reaching new patients and convincing them to make an appointment. You’re already aware of the importance of search engines in your digital marketing strategy, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In this article, we’ll address a crucial component to any effective SEM plan: Search Engine Advertising or SEA.
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