Digital Marketing for Dentists, Lesson 7: Important Subpages every Dental Website Needs

Potential patients land on your website in a Google search—how will they know your practice is unique? What makes them want to call and make an appointment? Creating a dental website that does the most to attract new patients and promote your practice requires informative, well-designed subpages. Here we’ll offer suggestions for the most effective ones that take your dental marketing to the next level.
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Laser Dentistry: The Latest in Quality Dental Care without Fear

Dental lasers have enjoyed an increasing popularity in recent years. The ADA has even issued an official statement on their use. But how can lasers help you grow your dental practice and provide quality dental care? In this post, we’ll consider the uses and benefits of dental lasers and explain how adding laser technology to your dental practice can boost your business.


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And the Award Goes To …: Learning Best Practices from Award-Winning Dental Practices

In this post, we’ll look at some concrete examples of great dental practice management. If you’re hoping to improve patient retention and attract new patients, looking at your overall practice management is a good place to start. Are you getting the most from your staff? Is your dental equipment up to date? Perhaps it’s time to update your practice design? Have a look at these award winning practices for inspiration!
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What Do Patients Want? Providing Gentle Dental Care By Understanding Your Patients

Providing “gentle dental care” and achieving a high rate of dental patient retention is a matter of being sensitive to your patients’ needs. Once again, your patient personas are your best resource on this. What do your patient types most desire from their dental treatment? What are their goals and fears? In this post, I’ll discuss some of the most pressing concerns and needs of dental patients based on patient interviews.
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