Say What? Avoiding Misunderstandings with Different Types of Dental Patients using Patient Personas

Patient relationships are the fundamental basis of your dental practice and communication is central to these relationships. So how do you keep them in good working order and avoid misunderstandings? In this post, we’ll bring back patient personas to show you how to anticipate and avoid potential breakdowns in communication with various types of patients.
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Digital Marketing for Dentists, Lesson 9: Joining the Conversation with Twitter Marketing

Twitter is an essential part of any dentist’s social media marketing plan. This micro-blogging platform allows you to broadcast and follow the latest news, engage with patients and influencers, and join in on conversations. All of this means more attention for your dental practice, which leads to new patients and better patient retention! In this quick guide, we’ll explain the benefits of engaging with a broad audience on Twitter and the ins-and-outs of dental practice marketing on Twitter.
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Ecological and Biological Dentistry—What They Are and How They Can Benefit Your Dental Practice

Paying attention to overall health and the environment is more than a trend—it’s a worthy cause! More and more dentists are adding Eco- and Bio-Dentistry to their portfolios. In this post, we’ll look at these two ways to practice dentistry with a conscience and appeal to patients who want to be healthier and “greener.”
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Why You Should Consider Adding Customized Dental Products to Your Practice

What types of customized products do you currently offer your patients? When you think about customized dental products do you think only of crowns, bridges and maybe aligners? Do you know what else is out there? Have you thought about what adding more customized products might do for your practice? In this blog post we will explore the benefits of customized dental products and how they can be used to grow your dental practice.
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Anything but the Dentist: How Dentists Can Handle the DIY Dentistry Trend

We’ve all heard of dental phobia, but what about DIY dentistry? While most patients would never consider playing dentist at home, a growing number of fearful dental patients would rather take matters into their own hands than surrender to dental care and its intimidating costs. In this post, we’ll explore this trend and suggest ways you can confront and counteract it in your dental practice.
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