Dental Health at Every Age: Encouraging Adult Dental Patients to Cultivate Better Dental Habits

Your dental patients have been taught the basics of oral hygiene care from a young age, but are they keeping up good practices into adulthood? And are they getting regular cleanings, flossing, and not over brushing? How do you communicate important educational information to adult patients without sounding condescending or making them feel defensive? It can be tricky, but just comes down to good, old-fashioned communication.
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Digital Marketing for Dentists, Lesson 12: Expanding Professional Networks through LinkedIn

Most of us probably think of LinkedIn as a platform for job-seekers, recruiters, and networking businesspeople. And it is! As a dentist, you’re likely to be using this platform already to connect with professional organizations and colleagues and to post job ads for your practice and research qualified candidates for positions. But have you considered how online marketing through LinkedIn could increase patient acquisition and patient retention for your dental practice?
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Exploring Alternative Treatments: Attract Dental Patients by Adding Minimally Invasive Treatments to Your Portfolio

Offering the best options for treatment leads to successful patient acquisition and retention. All dental patients can appreciate the reduced pain, discomfort, complexity, and recovery time associated with minimally invasive treatments. In this post, we’ll suggest some preventative and alternative dental treatments to add to your treatment roster. Make treatment and prevention easier for patients with minimally invasive dentistry!
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If You Offer It, They Will Come: Attracting New Dental Patients with Patient-Centric Marketing and Promotions

If you want to attract new dental patients to your practice, you need a strategy. Marketing your dental practice to new patients can be difficult—especially in big cities where markets tend to be oversaturated. A snappy looking website or good practice location may not be enough to grab the attention of new patients. In this post, we’ll explain how to attract patients with marketing and promotions that focus on giving dental patients what they are really looking for!
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Digital Marketing for Dentists, Lesson 11: Creating a Visual Presence on Instagram

It’s 2016, and you’re not making the most of your dental practice marketing without taking advantage of famed photo and video sharing app Instagram. In this post, we’ll explain why you should use Instagram for your dental practice, and how to make the most of it with our Instagram tips. We’ll also introduce you to some best practices in use by dental offices worldwide on the Instagram platform.
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Staying on Top of Things: Advanced Training for your Dental Practice Staff

Staying at the forefront of the latest technologies in dentistry is a top priority at most dental practices. But how can a busy dentist like you manage this across your entire staff? Encourage advanced training, either in person or online, for all of your staff members, set aside time for the training and incentivize your staff to participate. In this post, we’ll suggest some advanced training options for dental professionals that will enhance the care you provide, as well as building the profile and brand of your dental practice.
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American Implantologists: Do You Know the Insurance Codes for Peri-Implant Mucositis and Peri-Implantitis?

Implant dentistry will only continue to grow with the advancement of minimally invasive technologies like the REPLICATE™ Immediate Tooth Replacement System continuing to improve surgical techniques, patient recover and esthetics. Dental implants in general have a very high success rate, and they can last a lifetime.
However, this does not mean we can take this success for granted, as implant failure can be commonly attributed to peri-implant mucositis and peri-Implantitis.
Prior to 2017, there were gaps in the dental coding system for the professional care clinicians needed to diagnose and treat these conditions and to help patients protect their investments.


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Minimally Invasive Therapy: The Future of Dentistry - An Interview with Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour

Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour received his degree in Dentistry from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich in 2010. He subsequently completed an MA in Dental Prosthetics at the University of Greifswald.
He currently works as a Research Assistant at the Polyclinic for Dental Prosthetics at the Ludwig Maximilian University and as a practicing dentist in the private practice of Dr. Peter Seehofer in Munich.


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New Developments in Dental Implantology - An Interview with Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck

Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck received his degree in Dental Medicine in 1992 from Heidelberg University where he subsequently worked as an Assistant Dentist at the Heidelberg University Clinic for Mouth, Jaw and Facial Surgery. In 1999, he founded a leading continuing education and consulting firm in the dental field. From 2007 to 2015, he worked as a Research Assistant at the Polyclinic for Oral Surgery and Implantology and the Polyclinic for Mouth, Jaw, and Facial Plastic Surgery in Cologne. He conducted numerous studies there on the surface analysis of implants and peri-implatitis therapy.
He has been Director of the European Academy of Dental Implantology and Program Director of the independent research institute since 2014. In addition, he leads the Clean Implant Foundation, a worldwide initiative whose focus is investigating the quality of dental implants.


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3 Tips for Improving your Dental Practice Reception

Most patients will experience your dental practice for the first time through your dental website, social media, or a personal recommendation. But the real first impression comes when they arrive for their first appointment and step into your reception area. Don’t miss the chance to make a great first impression on new patients and make your current patients feel at home. In this post, we’ll offer some dental practice design tips for a reception area that’s perfect for welcoming patients!
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