Dentist as CEO

Are you trying to be the leader and manage your dental practice at the same time? Owners of small businesses often try to handle both roles at once. It’s a frequent mistake.


This post outlines the critical distinction between a CEO and a manager and explains why it’s not a good idea to try to handle both at the same time.

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Dental Health at Every Age: Encouraging Adult Dental Patients to Cultivate Better Dental Habits

Your dental patients have been taught the basics of oral hygiene care from a young age, but are they keeping up good practices into adulthood? And are they getting regular cleanings, flossing, and not over brushing? How do you communicate important educational information to adult patients without sounding condescending or making them feel defensive? It can be tricky, but just comes down to good, old-fashioned communication.
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No Fear Dentistry: How to Help Your Patients—And Your Practice!

You have a great dental practice, but you can’t escape this problem: fear of the dentist! Understanding dental phobia will help you ease patient worry and build a more successful practice. This list of the top 10 fears of dental patients also features solutions you can put into action. 


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Mothers Know Best: How to Effectively Market Your Dental Practice to Moms

It’s no secret that mothers are a powerful group when it comes to decision making and purchasing consumer products and healthcare. But how should dentists specifically approach this demographic group with care? In this post, we’ll discuss why it makes sense to target moms as an audience for your marketing campaigns—for instance by emphasizing dental care in pregnancy—and how you and your dental practice can best meet moms’ needs and win them over!
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If You Offer It, They Will Come: Attracting New Dental Patients with Patient-Centric Marketing and Promotions

If you want to attract new dental patients to your practice, you need a strategy. Marketing your dental practice to new patients can be difficult—especially in big cities where markets tend to be oversaturated. A snappy looking website or good practice location may not be enough to grab the attention of new patients. In this post, we’ll explain how to attract patients with marketing and promotions that focus on giving dental patients what they are really looking for!
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Building Trust at your Dental Practice: 4 Steps Towards Nurturing Patient Relationships

We’ve already addressed the issue of patient trust in a post about the difference between educating your dental patients and selling to them. But how can you work at building trust among you, your dental staff, and dental patients? In this post, we’ll focus on ways to foster patient relationships, mitigate dental fear, create a patient-centered environment, and provide the best quality dental care by building trust.
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Say What? Avoiding Misunderstandings with Different Types of Dental Patients using Patient Personas

Patient relationships are the fundamental basis of your dental practice and communication is central to these relationships. So how do you keep them in good working order and avoid misunderstandings? In this post, we’ll bring back patient personas to show you how to anticipate and avoid potential breakdowns in communication with various types of patients.
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Why You Should Consider Adding Customized Dental Products to Your Practice

What types of customized products do you currently offer your patients? When you think about customized dental products do you think only of crowns, bridges and maybe aligners? Do you know what else is out there? Have you thought about what adding more customized products might do for your practice? In this blog post we will explore the benefits of customized dental products and how they can be used to grow your dental practice.
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Anything but the Dentist: How Dentists Can Handle the DIY Dentistry Trend

We’ve all heard of dental phobia, but what about DIY dentistry? While most patients would never consider playing dentist at home, a growing number of fearful dental patients would rather take matters into their own hands than surrender to dental care and its intimidating costs. In this post, we’ll explore this trend and suggest ways you can confront and counteract it in your dental practice.
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Long Time, No See: Using Patient Personas to Deal with Appointment Scheduling Problems

Patients become unreliable for a variety of reasons: dental phobia, disorganization, travel, lack of accountability, or legitimate personal crises that interrupt their lives. Whatever the reason, patients who don’t return for bi-annual check-ups or skip them without notice can be a drain on your administrative resources, a loss to your business, and a nightmare for your scheduling! In this article, we’ll use the Patient Persona concept to find the reasons why patients become unreliable and the ways you can prevent no-shows in your practice.
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