Dentist as CEO

Are you trying to be the leader and manage your dental practice at the same time? Owners of small businesses often try to handle both roles at once. It’s a frequent mistake.


This post outlines the critical distinction between a CEO and a manager and explains why it’s not a good idea to try to handle both at the same time.

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3 Tips for Improving your Dental Practice Reception

Most patients will experience your dental practice for the first time through your dental website, social media, or a personal recommendation. But the real first impression comes when they arrive for their first appointment and step into your reception area. Don’t miss the chance to make a great first impression on new patients and make your current patients feel at home. In this post, we’ll offer some dental practice design tips for a reception area that’s perfect for welcoming patients!
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Analyzing Dental Practice Management to Cut Practice Costs

Every dental practice grapples with the issue of overhead. Taking a careful look at your overhead costs could surprise you. Knowledge is power! In this post, we’ll offer advice for cutting practice costs and boosting your overall profitability and efficiency by analyzing your dental practice management.
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Book ‘em! How to Incorporate Online Appointments into your Dental Practice Management

Dentistry becomes more digital every day. You’re probably already using dental practice software that manages appointments, patient records, and finances. But have you implemented online appointment booking yet? In this post, we’ll tell you why allowing patients to schedule appointments online is a great idea you and your patients.
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To Lead Is Not to Manage: How to Be a Great CEO for Your Dental Practice

A common mistake owners of small businesses often make is trying to serve in all leadership and management roles at once! A dental practice is like most small businesses in this way. As the owner of a dental practice, you play the role of both CEO/leader and manager/implementer. In this post, we’ll address the important differences between being a CEO and being a manager AND why you shouldn’t wear both hats.
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Know Your Numbers: How KPIs Benefit Your Dental Practice

You have goals for your dental practice, such as more patients, higher daily production or fewer missed appointments. In order to reach these goals, you need to clearly understand your practice’s strengths and weaknesses. In this post, we’ll introduce a useful technique for gathering the kinds of information that can help you evaluate your practice and set new goals for better performance: using “Key Performance Indicators.”
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And the Award Goes To …: Learning Best Practices from Award-Winning Dental Practices

In this post, we’ll look at some concrete examples of great dental practice management. If you’re hoping to improve patient retention and attract new patients, looking at your overall practice management is a good place to start. Are you getting the most from your staff? Is your dental equipment up to date? Perhaps it’s time to update your practice design? Have a look at these award winning practices for inspiration!
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Go Team Dental! Finding Great Dental Team Members for Your Practice

A successful dental practice is built on an effective dental team! They are the face of your practice and essential for providing the best quality dental care to patients. In today’s post, I’ll offer some suggestions for improving your dental HR strategy and building and maintaining the best dental practice team possible.
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Quick Tips for Better Dental Practice Design

Take an honest look at your dental practice—does it feel welcoming and suggest gentle dental care? Imagine that you’re a new patient, maybe someone who is fearful or nervous at the dentist. Would you feel secure walking into your office? How about your waiting room? Does it scream corporate office? Or does it feel pleasant, warm, and positive? If you can’t answer yes to any of these questions, your practice needs a Feng Shui-style makeover. Successful practices make patients feel welcome and secure, and make them want to refer their friends! In this post, I’ll provide a few tips for better dental office design and a more successful practice.
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5 Changes that Will Improve Your Dental Practice Management

2016 is here and full of opportunities for improving your dental practice! Start the year off right by reviewing your practice management and making sure this is the best year yet for your practice. This article will give you some practice management tips that are easy to implement.
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