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Product information and articles about the REPLICATE System

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Anatomy of a REPLICATE Tooth

One page fact sheet. View & Download

Introduction to the REPLICATE System

This introductory course was designed for anyone interested in learning the basic principles behind the REPLICATE Immediate Tooth Replacement System. Register for our Doctor Portal to take the FREE clinical course. View & Download

Quantitative and qualitative element-analysis of implant-surfaces by SEM and EDX

Read the scientific paper from the Department for Oral Surgery and Implantology, University of Cologne, Germany. View & Download

Differences in execution and billing of ready-made and root-identic Replicate-implants

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Minimally Invasive Implantology - Implant treatment in the digital age

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EDI Journal Article

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REPLICATE System Doctor Brochure

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Immediate replacement of a lateral incisor 22 after extraction

Read a use case study of the REPLICATE System by Dr. Anna Jacobi. View & Download

Surface preparation and packaging of a REPLICATE Tooth

One page fact sheet. View & Download

Clinical Data

Clinical data on the first patients to receive a REPLICATE Tooth. View & Download

REPLICATE System Patient Brochure

Patient information on the REPLICATE System View & Download

Root-Identic Implants

Scientific article by Michael Hopp, Eike Ulf Peters, Andreas Jabusch, Ernst Ulrich Berndt, Christian Braun and Reiner Biffar about how the REPLICATE System works. View & Download

Team Member Evaluation Form

Download this evaluation form to uncover strengths and weaknesses within your team. It will help you to optimize your staff and practice management. View & Download