Meet the Faces Behind Natural Dental Implants

Serial entrepreneurs Ruedger Rubbert and Lea A. Ellermeier founded Natural Dental Implants to radically change the way tooth replacement is done and to improve the patient experience. Their product, the REPLICATE Immediate Tooth Replacement System, offers patients a human-centric approach, replacing a tooth with a tooth, in a minimally invasive procedure.

Watch the video below to find out how the REPLICATE system evolved, and meet Ruedger Rubbert and Lea A. Ellermeier, the founders and driving forces behind this innovative new technology.

Ruedger Rubbert is a serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in inventing new technologies and managing technology delivery and manufacturing organizations.

Prior to joining Natural Dental Implants, Lea A. Ellermeier co-founded Lingualcare, Inc., a Dallas, Texas based dental technology company that developed and marketed disruptive technology for the mass customization of invisible, orthodontic braces with operations in the U.S., Germany and Mexico. Read more

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