Dr. Bicuspid features REPLICATE is a free, member-driven Web site dedicated to general dentists, specialists, and other dental professionals. They featured the REPLICATE system in one of their articles. A natural, nonsurgical tooth replacement system may soon be on the market

With a long-standing tradition of serving the dental industry with a comprehensive mix of timely publications and educational conferences, PennWell’s Dental Division is the unsurpassed source of information where dental professionals look first to see what’s happening next. They featured the REPLICATE System on

CAD/CAM Dentistry Pioneer Alex Touchstone, DDS is First American Dentist Appointed to the Clinical Advisory Board of Natural Dental ImplantsTM (NDI)

Alex Touchstone, DDS a leading authority on digital restorative dentistry and chairside CAD/CAD technology, was recently appointed to the clinical advisory board of Natural Dental ImplantsTM.