Natural Dental Implants AG Raises 3.5 Million Euros with Companisto

Natural Dental Implants AG completed its record-breaking EUR 3,500,000 campaign on the German crowd-funding site Companisto, bringing EUR 1,000,000 in co-financing and raising EUR 2,500,000 from Companists, more than any non-real estate company on the platform to date.  +2,200 Companists participated in the campaign.

Companisto is the investment platform for startups and growth companies. Business angels and investors participate in groundbreaking innovations, promising companies, and ideas that write history through venture capital. As a fintech company, Companisto stands for lean processes, specialized knowledge, and efficient solutions. They are the driver of innovation in the field of professional online corporate finance. In a diverse society, Companisto assumes responsibility for the founding culture in Germany and Europe.

Topics: Dentist Marketing Innovation