Investment GUB Wagniskapital GmbH & Co. KGaA: Increase of Holdings in Natural Dental Implants AG, Berlin

Berlin, 28.08.2017 – The Venture Capital Company GUB Wagniskapital, Obersulm, has increased its investment in Natural Dental Implants AG (NDI), a dental technology company based in Berlin by one million Euros, from 3.3 million Euros to a total of 4.3 million Euros.

Natural Dental Implants has developed a new method for replacing damaged teeth called the REPLICATE(R) Immediate Tooth Replacement System. The REPLICATE(R) System features the REPLICATE Tooth, an anatomically-shaped, 100% customized, tooth,. The REPLICATE Tooth is placed immediately after the damaged tooth is removed andintegrates firmly into the jawbone.

gub-wagniskapital.gifWith this innovation, the Berlin based Company has solved the problem of replacing teeth with invasive screw-type implants that require drilling into the jawbone and can take up to one year to complete treatment and dental bridges which require the dentist to grind down neighboring teeth into posts to place the bridge.

As a key investor, GUB has driven the development of NDI and the REPLICATE System since 2014, and has increased its holdings in NDI with the recent investment from 15% to 17.5%, based on a valuation of 45 million Euros.

The Technology

The REPLICATE Tooth is an anatomical copy of the patient's natural tooth that fits into the space occupied by the tooth being removed. It is one piece,; a titanium root fused to a zirconia preparation with an emerging profile like that of a natural tooth. Each REPLICATE Tooth component is designed individually.NDI has patented key aspects of the REPLICATE System to ensure its competitive advantage including the design, geometry, and surface preservation of the REPLICATE Tooth.

The Clinical Procedure

The process starts with a 3D x-ray-scan and dental impression. The dentist submits the data prior to the tooth being extracted, NDI designs that patient's custom REPLICATE Tooth, manufactures it and delivers it sterile, ready to be placed at the extraction appointment. Immediately after the extraction, the REPLICATE Tooth is inserted into the tooth socket, without drilling, and covered with the REPLICATE Temporary Protective Crown until it osseo-integrates, which takes four to six months. This new approach to single-tooth replacement offers patients an immediate, minimally invasive alternative to traditional dental implants and three-unit dental bridges.

The Market

11 million functional teeth are extracted annually in Germany alone. In the industrialized nations, there are 108 million teeth extracted annually. Dentists know how lengthy and invasive the process for replacing a tooth can be. NDI's technology has the potential to transform this multi-billion Euro market. The leading multi-national dental companies are public traded and have multi-billion Euro market cap which reflect the size and attractiveness of the dental market.

'The dental market with its existing products such as screw-type implants and dental bridges has been developed for decades. Our analysis shows a market volume of 8 billion Euros in the industrialized nations that can be immediately addressed by NDI,' says Gerald Glasauer, Managing Director of GUB. Gerald Glasauer continues: 'The patented REPLICATE System will transform tooth replacement. Today's patients are better informed and are interested in minimally invasive treatments. If they can avoid drilling and having their teeth ground into posts, they will.'

Rüdger Rubbert, inventor of the REPLICATE System and CEO of Natural Dental Implants AG, adds: 'We are very happy to have a reliable and experienced lead investor with Mr. Gerald Glasauer and GUB. Our marketing plan calls for stepwise launch of the REPLICATE System in the international dental markets. We will cooperate with large dental players distributing our product. As the main shareholder, GUB will help us prepare an initial public offering in a few years. This isan important step in achieve our goal of changing the way tooth replacement is done in the world.'

'Our marketing research in the U.S. shows that patients prefer the REPLICATE System over traditional screw-type dental implants and dental bridges because it can be placed without drilling into their jawbone and does not damage their other teeth,' said Lea Ellermeier, CEO of NDI US. She adds, 'Our approach is immediate and minimally invasive, two things that patients care about very much. With the REPLICATE System, we have the opportunity to raise the standard of care and significantly improve the tooth replacement experience, one patient at a time.' Ms. Ellermeier continues, 'GUB realized early that dentistry lacks innovation in important areas and that the market potential in the dental industry is huge. GUB was already the lead investor in our previous medical device company in the orthodontic space that we sold successfully to 3M Company.'

Natural Dental Implants AG

Natural Dental Implants AG, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and a U.S. subsidiary based in Dallas, Texas, holds six patents and 15 additional patent applications to protect the intellectual property behind the REPLICATE Immediate Tooth Replacement System. The Company's founders, the serial entrepreneurs Ruedger Rubbert and Lea Ellermeier, have more than forty years combined experience in introducing disruptive technologies into healthcare markets. They sold their last dental technology company, Lingualcare, to 3M Company (NYSE: MMM) in 2007. The REPLICATE System is available in the European Union and will be offered in the United States pending FDA approval.


GUB, with its venture capital funds, has been an early-stage investor since 1994. GUB invests in high-tech companies, mainly in the start-up phase. GUB focuses on successfully building its portfolio companies to an initial public offering or to sell them to the industry. The companies that received seed capital finance from GUB are now worth 5 billion Euros on the stock markets. GUB is also listed on the stock market as a public company.

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