Natural Dental Implants Presents the REPLICATE™ System at the 1st European Scientific Meeting of the IADI in London

Natural Dental Implants (NDI) presented the REPLICATE™ Immediate Tooth Replacement System on the 16th of October at the International Academy of Dental Implantology’s 1st European Scientific Meeting, held at the historic Royal College of Surgeons in London, England. The talk, “REPLICATE Dental Replacement System: A New Horizon for Patients,” was delivered by Dr. John Blythe. Dr. Blythe’s presentation was well received and sparked interest and lively discussion in the auditorium, as well as at NDI’s stand in the meeting’s exhibition.

The International Academy of Dental Implantology was formed in 2006 and is dedicated to comprehensive continuing education for dental professionals in the area of Implant Technology through residency programs, cadaver courses, and symposia held all over the world. The IADI’s ultimate goal is to develop skills and knowledge in dental professionals—whether they are general dentists or specialists—in order to provide the best possible care to patients.

The London meeting, the first European scientific meeting organized by the IADI, featured an international roster of speakers from the United States, Sweden, France, and the UK, and was designed to feature the latest developments, innovations, and techniques in implant dentistry. The next European Scientific Meeting of the IADI will take place in Madrid, Spain in 2017.

Dr-Blythe-presented-the-REPLICATE™-System-in-London.jpgDr. Blythe is a specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and currently a European Association of Cranio-maxillofacial Surgeons (EACMFS) Fellow in Facial Cosmetic Surgery with Professor Maurice Mommaerts at the European Face Centre, University Hospital of Brussels, Belgium. He was educated at St. Edwards, Oxford, The London Medical and Dental School, University of London. He has also received training in face surgery a The London, graduating with double distinction and highest score on final clinical exams, as well as specialist training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery on the South Coast of England. He has provided over 12 years of part-time NHS and independent dental care. Dr. Blythe’s extensive training and experience made him the perfect person to present NDI’s forward-thinking technology to this audience of engaged dental professionals.

About the REPLICATE System

The REPLICATE™ System features the REPLICATE™ Tooth, an anatomically-shaped, 100% customized, titanium-zirconia tooth, and the REPLICATE™ Temporary Protective Crown, a customized cover shield designed to protect the REPLICATE Tooth during the healing process. This new approach to immdiate single-tooth replacement offers patients a minimally invasive alternative to traditional dental implants and three-unit bridges.

The REPLICATE Tooth is an anatomical copy of the patient’s natural tooth that fits into the space occupied by the tooth being removed. It is one piece; a super-hydrophilic titanium root fused to a zirconia preparation with an emerging profile similar to that of a natural tooth. Each REPLICATE Tooth component is designed individually and can be modified to overcome anatomical limitations or to meet specific clinical requirements. This unique approach allows general dentists and specialists to immediately replace single and multi-rooted teeth without drilling or altering the adjacent teeth.

The REPLICATE System has been used by a select group of implantologists and surgeons in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands since 2013. The Company recently began offering the REPLICATE Immediate Tooth Replacement System in the U.K. To purchase, contact NDI AG, +49.30.526849320, or send an email to

About Natural Dental Implants AG

Natural Dental Implants AG, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with a U.S. subsidiary based in Dallas, Texas, was founded in 2006 to develop the intellectual property behind the REPLICATE™ Immediate Tooth Replacement System.  Research and development operations began in 2009.  The REPLICATE System is available in the European Union and will be offered in the United States pending FDA approval. Visit to learn more