Natural Dental Implants AG Sponsors Workshop at St. Anton Symposium

On February 10th - 15th, Natural Dental Implants AG will attend the International Symposium in St. Anton, Switzerland, a premier dental educational event for oral and maxillofacial Surgeons, oral surgeons, dentists and orthodontists and sponsor a three-hour workshop on the REPLICATE System.

Modern dentistry has always moved between high-tech, precision, perfection and the right human touch and the St. Anton Congress is at the forefront, bringing expert speakers who are able to articulate the critical essence of these topics.

Knowledge in dentistry doubles every five years! This seems all the more astonishing, considering that the knowledge in the digital world doubles every two years. Therefore education and training have become the alpha and omega of the modern and comprehensive dental medical world. Robotics, laser technology, radiogenomics, biologization and customization of implant materials are techniques and developments that will influence dentistry over the next few years.

Topics: Innovation CADCAM Oral Surgery Switzerland