Antje Holsten, Alternative Practitioner (Psychotherapy), Lübeck/Germany

“My dentist suggested that I try a REPLICATE Tooth. I had been thinking for a while about how to save my left canine tooth in the lower jaw. The root was already dead and the tooth began to turn greyish.

A specialist at the University Clinic in Lübeck very carefully removed my dead tooth and inserted the REPLICATE Tooth. I have had it since the summer of 2014 and it has healed in very well.

My REPLICATE Tooth does not cause a “strange feeling” which is very important for me. I also have a traditional implant and in comparison I must say that the REPLICATE Tooth placement process is much more gentle and softer. The treatment is accelerated because of the immediate insertion right after the removal of the dead tooth.

After the anesthesia wore off, I did not feel any pain. I felt less hurt than after the traditional implantation procedure. During the first few weeks after the treatment I was told by my dentist to slow down and not do exercises, but I had no other restrictions.

I was deeply impressed by the combination of the gentle treatment and advanced technology of the REPLICATE System.

If I needed another tooth replaced, I would have a REPLICATE Tooth again. The gentle procedure convinced me – it is the right one for me.”