“I’m not just the inventor of the REPLICATE System, I’m a customer.”

I’m the inventor of the REPLICATE Immediate Tooth Replacement System, the founder and CEO of Natural Dental Implants AG and the first REPLICATE Tooth patient. One of the reasons I invented the REPLICATE System was my own experience getting two traditional, screw-type implants. I encountered several problems after those surgeries including bone loss. One of my traditional implants is partially exposed. It is difficult to keep clean and looks terrible, like a big potato sitting on a little metal post. It was after this experience that I asked myself – “Why not copy the anatomical shape of the old tooth, make a new one using better material and simply replace it without drilling? Why put something in my mouth that looks like it came from Bauhaus?” The first REPLICATE Tooth I received was a very early prototype, placed in my lower jaw at the end of 2012. Unfortunately it was too early. The technology was not quite ready, and it didn’t integrate properly. Six months later my oral surgeon replaced it with a newer version. That one worked great.

“I’ve had my REPLICATE Tooth since May 2013 and have experienced no complications or bone loss. I’m very happy with the way it looks.”

During the summer of 2013 I learned that I needed another tooth replaced, this one a molar in my upper jaw. My dentist told me a traditional implant would require a sinus lift, a procedure where the sinus is lifted and a bone graft is placed between the sinus and existing bone. This is a common procedure done prior to placing traditional dental implants in the upper jaw when there isn’t enough bone to drill into. Feeling more confident about the clinical results I was seeing in other patients, I decided to get a multi-root REPLICATE Tooth. Because it fit exactly into the socket of my old tooth I did not need the sinus lift. I received a final crown on this tooth six months later. It looks great and I’ve experienced no problems or complications.

“I encourage everyone who needs a tooth replaced to consider all their options.”

From a patient perspective I can tell you my REPLICATE Tooth placement procedures were much easier than the procedures for receiving my traditional implants. With my traditional implants I had to wait several months between the time my dentist pulled my tooth and when he drilled into my bone to place the screws. I had to wait another six months before I received crowns and looked normal again. With the REPLICATE System there was no drilling. I received my REPLICATE Tooth the same day my old tooth was extracted and walked out with a temporary crown so I looked pretty normal. I encourage patients to consider every option when they need to have a tooth replaced. Talking to your dentist or surgeon is the best way to determine the best choice for you. I’m just glad that the REPLICATE System is now one of those options.