Sandra L., Munich /Germany

“When I was eight, I had an accident on the playground at school and broke both of my front teeth. Since then my parents and I have been looking for a good long-term treatment option. After exploring quite a few alternatives, my dentist from the Munich Uniklinik recommended I try out the REPLICATE System. The idea of a less painful procedure in comparison to conventional implants got me curious and I was not disappointed.

From the first moment a REPLICATE Tooth was set into my jaw, I was impressed. The provisional bridge that was placed immediately after the surgery was a great aesthetic solution. Normally after a visit to the dentist to extract a tooth, you can’t laugh and show your smile like I could.

Additionally, the final crowns are so beautiful. I think the dental technician who made them is an artist.

I’ve had my finished, new incisors for almost a whole year and I’m very satisfied. If I were in need of something similar again, I would always choose to have a REPLICATE Tooth. Just the fact alone that these implants are one piece, gives me the feeling that fewer complications could arise in the future. “