Ruedger Rubbert - CEO Natural Dental Implants AG

Ruedger Rubbert serves as CEO of Natural Dental Implants AG. He is a serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in inventing new technologies and managing technology delivery and manufacturing organizations. He was the President and co-founder of Lingualcare, Inc. which was sold to 3M Company in 2007. Lingualcare won the prestigious Dallas 100 Entrepreneur Award in 2007 for being one of the fastest growing, most dynamic companies in Dallas.

Prior to Lingualcare, Mr. Rubbert founded OraMetrix, an orthodontic technology company, where he served as President for the first 18 months of the company’s existence, managing day-to-day operations and later as CTO. As the primary inventor of many of OraMetrix key technologies, he served as principal leader of the company’s research and development efforts throughout his tenure. The intra-oral 3D-Scanner he invented at OraMetrix won the technology award (Innovationspreis) of the German States Berlin and Brandenburg in 1998.

Prior to OraMetrix, Mr. Rubbert was a founding member of a tool engineering and robotics company, Krueger and Rubbert GbR. Geyer Umformtechnik KG purchased this company in 1989; and Ruedger Rubbert served as CEO of the subsidiary Geyer Medizin- und Fertigungstechnik GmbH for five years after which he spun-off a project that was the foundation for OraMetrix.

Ruedger Rubbert holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering from Technische Universität Berlin and an journeyman degree in tool making. Both degrees were received with distinction. He has authored more than 70 U.S. technology patents

In our daily lives there are so many sub-optimal ways of doing things. A bit of critical reflection is all it takes to realize that we can do so much better. As I was sitting in the dentist’s office one day getting an implant I thought, “There has to be a better way to do this.” That was the birth of the REPLICATE System. I just wish I had thought of it before I had gotten my first implants.
Ruedger Rubbert.