Dr. Urs Brodbeck

Dr. Urs Brodbeck - Clinical Advisor, Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr. Brodbeck practices at the Dental Clinic North-Zurich, Switzerland as a Specialist Prosthodontist in Reconstructive Dentistry. Dr Brodbeck graduated in Predental education from the University of Zurich Dental School in 1983 and his Dental Education from the University of Zurich Dental School in 1986. He was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Crown & Bridge, Prosthodontics and Dental Materials University of Zurich, Dental School, Switzerland. Dr Brodbeck is an accomplished inventor and international speaker in the field of prosthodontics, aesthetic dentistry and implantology. He is renowned in Europe and the Asia Pacific for his long term clinical research on ceramic restorative materials. He has published numerous articles on the subject which have featured in dental journals worldwide.